If you’re thinking you might like to book us, there are probably lots of questions you want to ask. Just get in touch if you fancy a chat, but here are some of the most common questions for a start.

  • How much do you charge?
    • It varies depending on the type of event, number of guests and how far the band has to travel from the Lymm area. We do offer a discounted rate for certain events such as charity balls and it is always worth getting in touch so we can give you a quote.
  • How much space do you need?
    • We aren’t called a big band for nothing! As a minimum, we’ll need an area of 24m² and this can be to one side of the dance floor or on a stage. We’re guaranteed to make an impact, just make sure that the room is big enough for your audience too. It’s worth checking to make sure your venue is happy to have a large band. For more information see our Technical Requirements.
  • How long do you play for?
    • We usually play two sets, each of 45 – 50 minutes, but if you have any specific requirements, just get in touch and we can discuss them.
  • Will I need a DJ as well to fill the gaps?
    • It’s up to you. We can play music from your iPod or MP3 player through the band PA system if you want your own music between the band sets. If you prefer to book a DJ that’s fine too, you just need to make sure there’s enough space at the venue.
  • What if I have a special request for a particular song or a first dance?
    • We have a large library of music and so there’s quite a lot that we already have for you to chose from. If we don’t have the particular number you have in mind let us know – we may be able to get hold of it with enough notice. The band rehearses your specific programme of music for the night so you know it will sound fantastic. We tend not to take requests from guests on the night to avoid disappointment.
  • Do you need any other space backstage?
    • We just need a separate room to get changed in and to store cases etc. If you provide some light refreshments for the band too it helps them perform to their best!
  • How far in advance do I need to book?
    • Coordinating 20 diaries isn’t always easy so the more notice you can give us the better. Many wedding bookings are taken 12 – 18 months in advance, but it might be possible to book us only 6 weeks ahead. If you decide to book the band we will ask you to sign a contract and pay a deposit of around 20%.