Technical Requirements

Stage Area

Dr Jazz and the Cheshire Cats Big Band

A 20-piece big band takes up quite a bit of space. As an absolute minimum, Dr Jazz and the Cheshire Cats require a dedicated performance area of 24m². We can change our layout to fit into spaces of different dimensions (6m x 4m, 8m x 3m etc.) but the overall area needs to be at least 24m² and preferably a little larger.

Sound and Lighting

Dr Jazz and the Cheshire Cats can provide our own sound and lighting for indoor venues which accommodate up to around 300 people. Our setup consists of the following:

Dr Jazz and the Cheshire CatsSound

  • 16 channel mixer
  • Amp rack containing speaker management system and amps for FOH and monitor speakers
  • 2 front-of-house speakers on stands
  • 2 monitor wedge speakers
  • 2 vocal microphones (1 x male, 1 x female)
  • 6 instrument microphones (3 x saxophone, 2 x trumpet, 1 x clarinet)
  • DI boxes for bass and piano
  • CD player / input for mp3 player etc.


  • 2 lighting stands, each with a T-bar carrying 4 x 300W PAR56 lamps

External Providers

Where equipment is supplied by a third party, a setup equivalent to the above is required.

For larger or outdoor venues, all equipment will need to be provided by a third party, and will include additional items on top of the basic setup as above. As a minimum, this will include microphones for trombones (2), guitar (1) and drums (4+). The front-of-house capabilities should be adequate for the size of venue and additional monitors may be required for the band. An experienced sound engineer should be present for setup, sound check and to run the sound desk during the performance. For these types of events, please discuss the requirements with us first as we may be able hire any extra equipment ourselves or deal direct with one of our preferred suppliers.